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Aimee Zissa

We have been boarding our two horses at Double B for over a year. Both horses are very well cared for. The amazing barn staff make sure that any supplements, medication are given to our horses. Rick and Kat Brewer, the owners of Double B Equestrian Center are very committed to every owner and horse in the barn. If there is a problem, it is dealt with immediately. Our 14 year old daughter, has been training with Kat for over a year, and with Kat’s guidance and training, our daughter won 17 first place ribbons, and won the coveted Western Pleasure Buckle in her class. We are very happy to be part of the Double B family and we highly recommend Double B to anyone looking for a fantastic boarding facility and a wonderful and caring trainer Kat, to teach new riders, and build confidence or joining the Double B Equestrian team and watching the team win so many Blue ribbons. It’s been wonderful to watch my daughter excel especially during the Pandemic. Thank you to the Brewer’s and Double B for caring for our two horses.

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Morgan G

I’ve been taking lessons here for 18 yrs and have boarded all my horses here for 16. The owners are very knowledgeable and care greatly about the safety of the horses and all people on property. With probably the biggest indoor arena in the area we have one of the best facilities around. The only time anyone has problems is when they are disrespectful or put someone in unneeded danger. And if you have a concern the owners are always happy to listen and help fix it if possible.

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Darby Peterson

This past February marks my 14th year at this facility and what I will tell you is that I have seen it go through a lot of changes. Rick Brewer has honestly put his heart into this place – and he actually built it with his father, Bud Brewer. He has taken me and my horse to the vet when needed as I don’t own a trailer; he has treated my horse for colic on several occasions (heat duress); he has looked over my horse any time I suspected lameness or a tendon issue or a cut and offered advice. What the Double B offers is a good location, a huge indoor arena to accommodate riders in unforgiving Texas weather, good care for the horses, and lessons for those interested in learning to ride.

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Chris Pampillonia

Absolutely love this place. I have 3 horses boarded here and Rick and Kat do an absolutely fantastic job at making sure my horses are always taken care of. They treat my horse like they are their own. The facility is always clean, the staff is so nice, and everyone is so helpful. I cant imagine putting my horses anywhere else. Not to mention they have a HUGE and wonderful indoor arena for my daughter to ride in as well as more arenas outside so they can handle having lots of riders at the same time and still plenty of room for everyone to work and be safe. Kat also gives my daughter lessons and my daughter rides on her team as well. I am so grateful for finding her and this barn. What she has done for my daughter and teaching her not only to ride but horsemanship as well has surpassed any expectation I even had. This barn is truly a GEM and the best in North Texas!!!

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Andrea Cantu

Love this place and the people who run it! They are so accomodating to your schedule. We have been riding there for about a year now. Kat took in my girls when their former trainer stoped doing lessons when COVID hit. My girls have come so far and are now riding in shows and getting ready to to do team riding. The kids are not only how to ride a horse but also tought how to groom and sadle the horse. The barn people are like family!! We love this place!!

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Asher M

This place is great and I could imagine working here one day.  All of the horses are professionally trained for your kids improved safety.  I highly suggest Double B for the kindness and joy it can bring. This stables is more organized and has everything planned out for you so you don’t have to worry. We love this place like home. The barn people become family almost immediately because family from how nice they are. I love it here.  You guys should come over they love new people.

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 Sherise Matlock Ralston

Thank you Rick for hauling in our trailer when the water came up! You always help us out & we appreciate your hard work! Sherise & Sheridan

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Heather Goodall

The atmosphere here is great! People are kind, helpful, caring and want you to know what you’re doing with a horse.

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Chris Churchill

Best arena in the area!  Thanks Rick for having such a wonderful barn and arena. The footing is perfect and we really appreciate how often you drag it.  Love all the new horse training obstacles in the pasture too.  Double B is a great place to ride and train.